Tasty Bits

Yummy Bits

Elsa, do u have sensitive teats?
“They’re a little sensitive but not too much. They acquire unyielding really facile. I love to have ’em licked, sucked and gently nibbled on. A little pinching or tugging is pleasure too, but no thing harder than that. When I’m cumming I like to pinch areolas. It gives me an extra little shock.”

Is your muff always so smooth and shaven?
“Pretty much. I stay on top of my grooming, which is mostly waxing and sometimes shaving. I feel the majority assured when I am completely smooth down there. Not that there’s everything incorrect with pubes, but for me I love to be completely shaved. Some people talk shit about angels who remove all their pubes, saying it looks atypical or whatever. But those are obviously people who have never eaten a freshly waxed or shaved slit that’s downy as silk. U can indeed get your face in there with out getting tickled or poked by bushy pubes. It’s truly wonderful.”

Have you ever let your bush grow out all the way?
“Before I started shaving and waxing I had a greater than typical bush. But when I knew I was going to hook up with a buck for the 1st time I rushed to acquire everything waxed off. It hurt, but it was so worth it once he was eating me out. This chap truly seemed to adore the wax job ’cause this guy couldn’t peel his lips off my lips!”

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