Elaina Gregory Jackumentary

Elaina Gregory Jackumentary

When Elaina Gregory first took a bow at SCORELAND on December 3rd, 2010, TSG editor and SCOREtv host Dave was impressed.

Wrote Dave, “Elaina is a miniature thing, standing solely five-feet tall, so u can imagine how surprised we were when she unleashed her 34N’s, and they were not only titanic, but also incredibly firm. You just don’t watch bouncy bosoms that firm when u start getting into actually large sizes.”

Elaina was an army veteran, stationed at Fort Hood. That babe was raised a strict Catholic angel. She met her partner in boot camp. These are not usually the factors that lead a girl to posing completely exposed and playing with toys in a men’s magazine and site. However, Elaina’s partner was a V-mag subscriber and SCORELAND member. This woman chaser was too our ally and suggested that Elaina check us out. She listened to her husband, weird for almost any wives, and sent TSG her snaps from home.

Said Elaina, “I figured that it might be fine to acquire away from being a housewife for several days and come here to shoot. And I was right. It’s lots of enjoyment! “

Elaina took to naked modeling just now. Showing her fullsome funbags, spreading her fur pie, toying herself. This babe was good with all of it. And near the end of her time as a glamour model, Elaina did a Zeppelins & Tugs scene which was a boner-maker. This babe explained why that babe did a Boobs & Tugs in a Blog movie. “It’s smth I was curious to do, something I was curious to see,” Elaina said.

Shortly after her “Farmer’s Daughter” discharge, Elaina gave up in nature’s garb modeling and returned to her “civilian” life and housewife responsibilities. While Elaina was active, that babe made lots of boob-drunk guys glad. And for that we likewise are grateful. Cuz we’re boob-drunk dudes too.

Wrote Freddie from Seattle, “Elaina Gregory, with her amazing Elizabeth Taylor gal and beautiful personality, is absolutely worthy. She’s a total class action and it is endearing to see her wedding ring in so many of her still shots and movie scenes. Her husband has given many men an opportunity to see Elaina as this babe truly is. I thank him.”

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