Immodest Dimples

Dirty Dimples

You are fetching, Mae. How come somebody who is as cute and nice-looking as you are has a nickname like filthy dimples?
“My friends gave me that nickname because on the out side I look love this fine, fascinating, all-American gal with
larger than average dimples, but when u get to know me I’m truly very wicked. Eventually people started to look at about my nickname and it caught on. People who know me like to call me messy dimples, or DD, to tease me. I have a gorgeous worthy sense of humor so it doesn’t trouble me. And I mean, it’s true, so what can I actually say?”

U do have a hint of a little, wicked glimmer in your eye. What kinds of nasty things have you done?
“One thing that comes to mind is a time that I had sex on a cruise ship. I met a petticoat chaser there and we ended up dangling out all day. By the night time we’d indeed warmed up to every other and we started making out. That eventually led to us having sex on the deck in a reclining chair with a blanket over us.”

Did anyone on the cruise catch you having sex, Mae?
“A scarcely any people sauntered by, and it probably looked a little suspicious but I suppose we played it off well. We didn’t receive caught adore, red-handed. Although I did receive caught having sex another time, but that was kind of the point. I was in the front seat of a MPV during the time that my friend was driving it, and I was riding my hubby at the time. So many people on the road saw us screwing! Tons of boys honked at us and one boy even flashed us his wang during the time that he jerked it.”

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