Danni Ashe & Minka: Bathin’ Bouncy bosoms

Danni Ashe & Minka: Bathin' Boobies

Asian sexbomb Minka was a newcomer and years away from her supreme breast-supersizing. Danni Ashe was gaining experience quickly. The two were introduced to each other in SCORE‘s London studio in 1994. Minka launched as a military enchanting heart on the cover of SCORE in the October ’94 edition. This photo shoot followed just now in the November ’94 issue. Minka’s tall and towered over the skinny, golden-haired all-American Danni. This babe enjoyed each inch of Danni’s body. We make almost certainly of it was Danni’s 1st time savoring the taste and scent of Korean snatch. It wasn’t easy to acquire the gals off each other to change poses.

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