Dakota Masturbates Alone in Her Room

Dakota Masturbates Alone in Her Room

Dakota knows how to make the best of a lousy situation–by masturbating! Her friend bailed on her to hang out with her new boyfriend, and since Dakota is currently single, she relies on her fingers to keep her entertained.

“I wish I had a boyfriend,” Dakota says. “I don’t think I’m jealous, I think I’m just horny.”

With that in mind, she begins her self-pleasuring date. Dakota is wearing a onesie body suit that’s surely saturated with her sweet pussy scent. She snaps off the button crotch and lets her pussy free, massaging her meaty, purple folds. She pulls down her bralette to squeeze her A-cups.

Dakota doesn’t need her sell-out friend. She has a way better time playing with her pussy and cumming alone in her room.

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