Curves & Cups

Curves & Cups

Jessica Roberts claimed this babe was a tomboy growing up. “I played basketball in college, and I adore to go swimming. I like sports and I am an active beauty.”

Jessica is a Chicago White Sox fan. If you’re in U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago for a White Sox game and you think u see a goddess who resembles Jessica, that could very well actually be her. The odds are valuable.

After the game, Jessica will be off to party and barhop on Chicago’s famous south side. But Jessica doesn’t spread the like to Chicago’s other baseball team, the Cubs. “I loathe the Cubs,” Jessica said. “Every time I go to a game, they lose.” That’s cuz the players watch Jessica in the stands and forget what they’re doing.

However the odds are not nice that you’ll be seeing Jessica bust out a undergarment and fill out a diminutive pair of belts at Comiskey Park love that babe does in this photo-shoot and movie.

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