Bushy Cummer

Curly Cummer

What’s up, Elena?
“I was bored, so I decided to paint my room. I haven’t had sex for a whilst, and that is when I’m my most productive.”

Why haven’t you had sex? A angel like u could acquire anyone.
“I’d indeed love to discover an older lad to bonk, but not lengthy ago all I can identify is young lads who cum in two seconds. So I decided I am not gonna settle until I detect a mature lad who I know can satisfy my needs. Until then I am getting to know myself all over once more by masturbating all the time!”

Are you going kooky from the lack of dick?
“It was unbending at first, but now I’m used to it. It’s been about a month. And I have gotten so much done! Boys are such a distraction! But even though I haven’t screwed any boyz, I have had some fun with angels. I’m not a lesbo or everything, but I enjoy hooking up with gals. I would not date one, but I’ll definitely fuck one! So all the masturbating, pussy-eating and getting shit done has kept me occupied. But to be honest, I can’t wait untill my next penis.”

How was the final copulate u had?
“It was ok. I came. But there were no fireworks. That’s why I decided to hold off. My feelings for that boy were whatsoever in the 1st place. So the next time I fuck it’s gonna be coz I’m super hawt and luscious for the smooth operator.”

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