Man cream Fantasy

Cream Dream

“Being a BootyLicious covergirl changed everything for me. I got recognized all over Atlanta, where I live. And it opened the door for me to do tons of music movie scenes. And my gazoo looked so priceless, too! When I saw the mag in a store, I screamed out loud!” told ass-rageous vixen Coco Isis. “Actually…it was more honey bunnys than bucks that saw me and knew who I was. U would be surprised how many lezbos and bi-curious hotties hit on me! In the July issue I talked about how I adore to view lesbo porn and all of a sudden all those lezbos wanted to take up with the tongue my vagina and suck on my adore button! I thought all of the attention was really flattering and some of these women were actually sexy. I might have even let one or two of ’em turn me out. You know, so I could try it. This one time I was at this party and this hawt Japanese goddess was there and she kept staring at me. Lastly that babe came up to me and hit on me. She reads your mag. We chatted all night and I went home with her. This babe started kissing me and then one thing led to one more and I was face down on her daybed and she was giving a kiss my a-hole, literally! Then she ate my gazoo from behind and fingered me actually not fast until I squirted all over her hand!”

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