Charlee Look for Lends A Hand

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Sexy blond bra-buster Charlee Chase shakes her juggs, turns around and sticks her wazoo out and spanks a cheek. That is always a fine introduction.

Charlee takes a letter with out an envelope addressed to her and reads it.

“Dear Charlee, you’re one of my prefered SCORE adult models. What does it take to get a gal adore u into couch with a boy love me? I picture u looking up at me as u grasp my shlong with your boobies. I know I am a dreamer but I’m just awaiting for the day when I can lastly put my dick betwixt your stupendous, humongous jugs. Sincerely, B. Collins.”

With the aid of a crash-test schlong, Charlee unveils exactly what she will do to Mr. Collins’ cock: jerking, tugging, yanking, stroking, tit-fucking and mouthing rock hard meat, all the while maintaining unwavering eye-contact.

If anyone deserves a steady stream of cum-facials, that goddess is Charlee Search.

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