Caramel Cushion

Caramel Cushion

Congratulate, Victoria. We’re happy you are here at BootyLicious magazine.

“Me, likewise! My friend told me that u boys are located in Miami, and since I live here, I could not wait to reveal off my corpulent Cuban a-hole!

Tell us what you like to do in sunny Miami? What do u do for a living?

“Well, I like to spend time on the stripped beach. There is no thing love being naked in the sun and knowing that everyone is looking at your body. When I’m not nude and on the sand, I am a bartender at Luscious Willie’s, which is a celebrated bar on South Beach. I love my job because I need to meet lots of different guys from all over the world and cuz when I am off the clock, I can go stripping right after with some of my customers!”

And all u do is dance with these men? Come on! We don’t believe that.

“[Laughs.] Okay, so sometimes I bonk ’em, also. But it depends. I love lads who are very assertive and assured. If a Lothario takes control and takes ME out for a night on the city in MY town, then I’ll consider giving him some butt.”

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