Fullsome funbags of Bliss

Boobs of Bliss

The glamourous Joana, queen of cleavage, the royal Romanian, has a undergarment flaunt in store for us. We get a prime seat in her baths as this babe tries on a variety of bras, some of ’em a little too undersized for her overdeveloped natural pointer sisters. Finding a proper-fitting brassiere that this babe can buy takes time and patience.

“I think I’m 106 centimeters around (42 inches), and I buy European bras that are 105GG,” says Joana.

“I try to identify marvelous bras, but that’s not always simple in my size to find the colors and the styles I look most worthy in. I’ve two brands I adore, Maria Jo and Prima Donna. I buy ’em on the Internet. I don’t sleep wearing a bra. I know some cuties do. I most like to sleep bare.”

“I adore having greater than typical mellons. I did not like ’em at 1st, but I love them now.”

We love them also and all the rest of Joana from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.

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