Blondie With Dat Bubble

Blondie With Dat Bubble

Welcome to the bigger in size than run of the mill, wide world of booty, Kakey!

“Thank u! I’m very excited to be in tropical Miami at BootyLicious headquarters. I’m originally from Recent York and it is indeed cold there right now!”

Well, welcome to the 305! Give us your 411.

“Okay, I’m a 5’1″ shorty from Fresh York City with a 25-inch waist, a 42- inch ass and an even greater appetite for sex. I adore sex. I adore to have sex with studs and I have definitely had sex with chicks. I adore women. I am aggresive with ’em. I think that everything begins with a kiss and then goes from there. I love using my mouth a lot and love to get and give oral sex to the person I’m with. I have a actually long tongue and I know how to use it.”

You seem very sexually assertive…

“Of course! I’m the shit in the bedroom. I am not one of these lay-down-and-take-it gals. I am a get-on-top-and-give-it kind of female. And you know what? All hotty’s should be that way. It is 2011. It is time for babes to realize that they acquire to get on their rogering game and get it done when it comes to sex. I like everything there is to like about sex. But if I had to say what I savour the most, it is bouncing this bigger in size than run of the mill, overweight, damp ass up and down on a big schlong. It is what acquires me off the superlatively wonderful. And I love to acquire off. I cum at least twice a day.”

What are some of your sex secrets?

“You have to stay luscious, no matter what. If u have to use spit, use it. If u like lube, lube it up. The wetter the sex, the more pleasurable it’s for one as well as the other parties. And u know what? I take pride in my charming, damp cunt. When I work it and make a lady-killer cum rock hard, I feel valuable.”