Bigger than run of the mill Cheeked Super Freak

Big Cheeked Super Freak

Welcome back, Kakey. Tell us about your launch in the October ’11 issue.
“Thank you! It is fine to be back in Miami. I made my initial debut in the October ’11 issue and I poured champagne all over my ass. I also commented about sex and how I am the shit in the bedroom. And since that issue came out, all these fans have asked me to prove that my sex skills are legit. So, now I am back to bonk!”

And you are doing that pearl thong and that dick some justice, Kakey!

“[Laughs.] Thank u! I love pearl briefs. They are my favorite. It feels like there is anybody fondelling your rectal hole and clit all day. I am from Fresh York and I do lots of walking around the city. No one knows it, but the reason I am smiling during the time that I walk is ‘cuz I am cumming over and over anew!”

So, did u work this wang just adore u said you would?
“Of course I did! I sucked it, fucked it and drained it and it was charming. I wanted to receive a big load of cum all over my backdoor and this charmer didn’t disappoint me. I loved feeling it trickle down my cheeks into my pussy!”