Large Below garment Show-off

Big Undergarment Show-off

Bra-fitters get to faint when Mianna Thomas walks into their shops, unless they’re Voluptuous and XL Girls readers. This babe has a 13 inch difference betwixt her bust measurement and her rib cage. In this glamour photoshoot, Mianna has a difficult time finding any bras at the TSG studio that fit her huge top shelf. Lastly she chooses a not many and 2 appear to be to fit her nicely. Our question for Mianna is if she actually goes with out the abode in that top and petticoat this babe is wearing in the opening fotos. It seems to us that that babe would wind up with an increasingly large crowd following her, kind of like a Pied Piper of breast lovers. That undergarment with the writing all over it makes her melons look fantastic but it’s probably not practical for day-to-day wear. The load-bearing straps would likely snap from the weight before the day was over. It’s enough to make a tit-man cry. Miss Thomas says that babe can’t live with out watching porn. Gals who adore watching porn always get supplementary compliments from us. “I am gratified of my tits” says Mianna. “I love them.” Who does not love them? They are flawless.

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