Ashton Blake: Inside Ashton’s Ass

Ashton Blake: Inside Ashton's Ass

When Ashton Blake wants a hot fuck, she goes after it and gets it. She’s a first-class busty seductress, a swinger, camgirl and porn star. And a man-eater

Evan knocks on Ashton’s door and asks her if he can shower at her place. There’s a plumbing problem at his house. Her eyes light up at the thought. When he showers, she just walks in with towels so she can look him over like a side of beef.

When he comes out, Ashton is all over him. She’s twice his age and has twice his sex drive. She gives him her pierced pussy-hole to tongue, swallows his dick and wants him to fuck her cunt and butthole, then pop his nut on her big tits. Now he’ll have a story to tell dad when he gets home.

“I love women,” Ashton said. “I’ll lick and suck and play but when I’m horny I really need a cock. It took me a few years to be as comfortable with anal as I am now. I would say get the engine running first, then I am all about it. I prefer missionary or me on top to start, then lead into doggie. Gotta loosen that girl up.”

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