Alesia’s Anal Pickup

Alesia's Anal Pickup

Here’s Alesia pulling the oldest cougar trick in the book: picking up a contractor and getting him to her abode under the guise of wanting him to do some repair work when in reality… “I need work done on myself, not the house,” Alesia tells Sergio. “I want u to bonk me in each aperture I’ve.” Now, sure, times are tough, and Sergio could use the specie, but he’ll worry about the rent later. For now, he has been personally invited to screw a horny, hawt M.I.L.F. in her face hole, snatch and dark hole, and that is not an offer that comes along daily. So, screw work, and fuck Alesia! To refresh your memory, Alesia is Fourty five years aged and from Pennsylvania. The 1st time this babe was at, she told us that the 1st time that babe had sex was “in a car with a dude I had been with for a month. He went anal without telling me!” Well, this time, we gave her a lot of notice, and Alesia dressed for the occasion in a hawt dress and hose that the lady-killer rips open to get at her slit and obese ass. Now, that might sound primitive, but, hey, this babe is the one who picked up the fellow under false pretenses, and, as you’re about to see, Alesia isn’t complaining about her ruined pantyhose. This babe is getting everything she craves.

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