A Panty Sniffer’s Reward

A Panty Sniffer's Reward

“I walked into my room and caught my dad’s friend sniffing my panties! At first I was shocked, but then I got really turned on. It was like I didn’t know if I should yell at him or fuck him! Well, I decided to fuck him, and that was definitely the right decision. He ate my pussy and we 69ed, which got me even hornier. By the time he stuck his dick in me, I was already on the verge of cumming, which I ended up doing a couple of times. Since I came, I wanted to make sure he came really hard, even though he’s a dirty panty sniffer. So I rode him hard and backed my ass up into him while we fucked. Judging by the load he blew all over my face, he came hard alright!”

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