A boyfriend’s revenge

A boyfriend's revenge

These pictures were sent in by the charmer who took ’em; not the cutie who posed. He had reasons for sending them in and we sympathized with him and decided to publish ’em. Bottom line is that you’ve to view a 20-year-old first-year student. “I’m a scholar, likewise,” wrote Jeff from Gainesville, Florida. “I’m a year maturer than Janessa. We dated for about a year. I spent bookoo males on her and even got a job at a pizza place to have the cash to do it. I paid for a tour to Cancun. We had solely been back for two days when that babe dumped me for a petticoat chaser with a brand new Mustang GT. I had taken those pix for her to send in, but this babe at not time got around to it. So I am pissed at the gold-digging bitch. When we were out, about the solely time she talked to me was when this babe wanted a swallow or a meal. This babe used to receive made water when I worked at the pizza place to make cash to take her out. You’d think a hot-looking hotty adore this would be sexy in daybed, wouldn’t you? Not right!”

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