Getting to know Val Kambel

Getting to know Val Kambel

Now that we have viewed her shag once, in fotos that were posted last week, Val Kambel sits down with us for a formal interview. Val is a 53-year-old Mamma of two and grandmother of 3 from Florida, and here, this babe is wearing a sheer top, nylons and a garter.

“When you wear a garter, do the straps go over or beneath the garter?” we ask Val.

“Over, so they can come off,” Val says.

Priceless answer!

“I’m basically a very demure person,” Val says. “I love my personal space. I would not just walk up to a boy and grab him or hug him or kick off a conversation.”

But this babe will wake up her spouse with a oral sex.

“I’ll stick it straight in my throat,” this babe says.

Need to know Val. Consider it foreplay for tomorrow’s all-the-way movie.

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