Hosed and Luscious

Hosed and Soaked

“I remember the first time that a man grabbed my feet in a sexual way. I was painfully shy when I was younger and he was one of my 1st boyfriends and an older guy. I remember that we were at a fancy restaurant and I was wearing a hot couple of sandals with skimpy, jeweled straps and very pointy heels. This chab just leaned over and said me to put my foot on his penis. This chab told it so frankly and abruptly that I was caught off guard, but I was instantly turned on. I fondelled on his weenie until this charmer came in his pants. I caressed my cum-hole at the same time.”

“That first experience with shoes and feet and sex would open up a entire fresh world to me. After that, I couldn’t receive sufficient leg sex. I’ve converted each buck I’ve slept with into a foot woman chaser. I cant stop giving foot jobs, and masturbating with my pantyhose and stockings is a habitual thing for me. I love to rub my clit with my used socks. I just adore the stink that only smutty socks have. But I’ll admit that rogering myself with stiletto heels is my most-perverted indulgence.”

“Lately, I’ve been wearing my hose a few times until they are ripe enough that I can smell my cum-hole when I open my legs. Then I call my favorite foot boy over and I wait for him, spreadeagle, right in front of my front door. When he arrives, I order him to acquire on all fours and crawl to me. When this woman chaser does, I shove his face into my smelly gusset and hump it until I soak him throughout the fabric. Then I let him rip my hose off and fuck me unbending!”

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