Last Call For Zeppelins

Last Call For Boobs

Jessica Taylor had 2 jobs and they couldn’t be more contradictory. That babe was a bare dancer and a construction contractor. She erected buildings and this babe erected boners at a in nature’s garb lap dancing club called Taboo in Arcadia, California. Boner engineer would be an accurate job title. She bears a resemblance to the hot-chick-next-door.

“It’s actually kind of a conservative exotic dancing club, so you only get full stripped when the angels are on the stage but when we give lap dances, we’re fully dressed. We give lap dances in full bikinis–tops and bottoms,” Jessica explained.

Her construction co-workers did not watch Jessica in her…other work raiment…”but I do get lots of boyz who enter the strip club who work in construction. They question me about it while I’m dancing and they like that I work in the same field that they do. They kind of like that a angel like me can have large mellons and be a dancer but can too put up drywall and lay down tile. I’m into lads who make me chuckle and are into the same things that I’m into.”

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