Office Honey Alert

Office Gal Alert

Ok, which one of you boob-hounds telephoned SCORELAND and indeed managed to reach Elle Flynn as she was preparing for this office glamour photoshoot? We had a movie camera rolling at the time right there and caught the entire movie scene. U managed to acquire Elle all juicy and horny just by talking obscene to her on the phone.

Clothed as an office lovely heart with tremendous deep cleavage for this shoot, Elle takes out her extraordinarily great greater than standard bosoms per your dirty-minded suggestions and licks and pinches her teats until her nipps are shining and juicy from her saliva. Some intense sticky teat self-sucking is going on.

So u tell her to take off her trousers and rub one out right at the desk we were using for her glamour photoshoot? As u can watch in this video, Elle was swept away by the idea and went all-out, spreading her lips and high-speed finger-banging her pink taco. U even got her to put the phone receiver right by her hawt, impressive wet crack so you could hear these fapping sounds this babe was making.

Elle Flynn. Each business should have an office vixen with violent hormones love her.

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