Hawaiian Bosoms

Hawaiian Hooters

SCORE: Do u keep in touch with any busty glamour models?

Claudia: I’d like to, but majority of us live in different states. We keep in touch for a during the time that and then we kind of lose touch due to location. We do message every other on Twitter or Facebook each one time in awhile.

SCORE: You are at the supermarket or doing personal errands. How do you dress?

Claudia: I wear tight jeans, a tank top and boots or cut-off jeans, reservoir top and boots.

SCORE: Tell us about your current martial arts training.

Claudia: Well, I started learning Muay Thai in Hawaii several years back, but joining the classes with other advanced beginners or intermediate students was a bit scary for me, mostly cuz I glamour model. I will not look priceless with a broken nose. So, lately, I hired an nice-looking personal Muay Bora-which is a type of Muay Thai-teacher just for me.

We do get physical, but I know, ‘coz he’s an experienced, he won’t hurt me. When we do arm locks or head locks, this gent get to feel my soft, mammoth scones pressing against his arm or head but this petticoat chaser is such a skillful, this chap doesn’t even flinch. I adore that that lady-killer is like that so there’s no sexual tension between us. I am there to actually learn. This chab says I learn indeed fast.

SCORE: Do you go to undressed beaches or adult resorts?

Claudia: In Hawaii, it’s illegal to be topless. I’d need to go to very remote beaches and still hope there’re no cops around. I did go topless in Miami, and a cop came over to tell me to put my top on immediately! I thought it was legal but this stud told only whilst u are laying down, not standing or walking around. True story!

SCORE: Our society abhors boobies. Thank’s, as always, Claudia KeAloha.

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