Bunk Bed Boning

Bunk Ottoman Boning

Fuckin’ in a bunk couch brings up lusty nostalgia.
Remember lying awake in your bunk daybed, thinking about cookie and trying to conceal your hard cock (and possibly your masturbation) from your bunkmate? Imagine how your younger self would feel to know you’d one day copulate a honey adore Cara in your childhood daybed! That was our inspiration to receive this gal to group action in the bunk.

Some other benefit of bunk-bed boning? Exhibitionism and voyuerism!
“I think it can be enjoyment to fool around in a bunk bed. But it’d be even hotter if somebody were in the top bunk during the time that I was on the bottom with a smooth operator, and we had to try to screw quietly so the person on top would not know. Really, it would still be hot if they did
know and were jacking off to us.” We appreciate the dream, but Cara did not need to be quiet or hide anything during this bunkbed fuck-session. She bounced her booty untill the bed was creaking and groaned and giggled all the way to the creamy end.

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