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The Hottest Romanian Of Them All?

The Hottest Romanian Of ’em All?

The Hottest Romanian Of 'em All?

Arianna Sinn commented about the 1st time that babe got it on with some other gal.

“She was a virgin, and I convinced her very easily that it would be great, and it happened, and it was great for both of us. And now we are majority worthy friends, even though she’s married. I told her this babe could practice for her first lad with me. I’m more aggressive with angels than with men.”

Arianna knows what kind of lady-killer this babe is drawn to.

“I adore any kind of guy as lengthy as he’s laughable, keeps himself clean and knows how to treat a goddess. I do not like men who are rude or pushy and have to have their own way. I adore a chap who is respectful and knows how to romance a lady. Stylish, kind and generous. Worthy personality. Looks donot matter.”

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Lissa Hope: The American Dream Girl-Next-Door

Lissa Hope: The American Fantasy Girl-Next-Door

“I adore to wear constricted or low-cut tops to accentuate my curves,” told American fantasy angel Lissa Hope. Lissa’s so big busted and buxom, her curves have curves.

“I most like full coverage bras. I need to have fittings and I command my bras online. I wear a brassiere when I go out, but at home I am almost always braless. If I’m wearing a tight crop top, I don’t wear a bra. I acquire stared at often. I am usually flattered by it because I think my body is gracious and unparalleled.”

Lissa said that babe has a dad kink and loves slavery and compulsory orgasms. “I masturbate one time a day. I’ve a very high sex drive so I either use my fingers or a diminutive fake penis to stimulate my G-spot.”

Adore many stacked, great-looking beauties, Lissa has faced what we’ve called for many years, breasty prejudice.

“Most gals will tell me that they urge they had my boobs. Lots of my friends say, ‘Oh, I crave I looked adore u,’ and I have tons of friends who have kids who will say, “Even when I was breast-feeding, my bouncy bosoms weren’t as large as yours,” but sometimes I’ll be met with a little bit of jealousy. They’ll call me mean names. They’ll tell me I am concupiscent, which…it’s not my fault.”

Our response: ignore the haters, especially on the anti-social media.

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Amber Alena Busts Out Big Time

Amber Alena Busts Out Large Time

Amber Alena Busts Out Greater than run of the mill Time

Amber Alena can’t live without huge mambos. This babe worships giant boobs. She loves them probably even more than almost all boyz who love big meatballs. Web digital camera beauty made her hardcore first appearance at SCORELAND and now she’s back with even bigger in size mellons. Milk sacks to blow you away.

Brick Danger gets to experience screwing Amber’s remarkably deep cleavage and much more the next time we see this hawt slender and stacked bra-buster at SCORELAND.

SCORELAND: Are your teats more sensitive now to finger or toy stimulation since you’ve gone greater?

Amber Alena: My nipple sensitivity is still the same: extremely sensitive. They were always that way even before the surgeries.

SCORELAND: Do u know how much your bumpers weigh?

Amber Alena: My bosoms weigh 12 pounds total. Six pounds every.

SCORELAND: What position do you usually sleep in?

Amber Alena: I sleep on my back or side. Sleeping on my belly will not at any time happen some other time.

SCORELAND: Do you feel changes in your raunchy energy or need for sex? In other words, are you hornier?

Amber Alena: Yeah, I’m even hornier coz I finally feel the happiest in my body.

SCORELAND: You told me that you weren’t used to watching yourself on-camera. Has that feeling changed over the past few months?

Amber Alena: That feeling hasn’t changed. I still can’t view myself. Maybe I can watch myself for a not many seconds and then I look away. After a scene is finished, I mentally am done with it and move on to other projects.

SCORELAND: Was the Miami XBiz convention the first time you had attended an adult expo? How did it go for you?

Amber Alena: The first convention I ever went to was the AVN Expo in January of this year [2019]. The Miami XBiz convention was the second. I had a great time at one as well as the other events. I met many other performers and industry people and that was indeed great!

SCORELAND: Your hawt scene with Brick Danger is next. Will you be watching it?

Amber Alena: Probably not. I not ever check out my scenes.

SCORELAND: What did u think about seeing yourself in the magazine?

Amber Alena: When I saw myself in SCORE mag (Vol. Twenty eight. No. 4), I was pleasantly shocked and super glad! That is the first magazine cover I have ever been on and I am so grateful for that!

SCORELAND: Any comments for the boys at SCORELAND?

Amber Alena: Hey, boyz! Discover out my scene with Brick Danger! I hope you all like my first scene with the recent implants as much as we had enjoyment making the film! Thanks all for supporting my trip into the adult industry.

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Fine & Naughty

Valuable & Wicked

Nice & Nasty

Nadia Night is worthwhile. She’s also very naughty. Not unlike the valuable cutie by day, lustful honey by night. And she is not even a Gemini. She is a Scorpio–the horniest, most sex-driven sign of the zodiac.

Nadia says no 10-Pounder is bigger than typical sufficient or thick enough for her. Her favourite kind of foreplay is plenty of hand-work all over her previous to her husband gives her his ramrod to face hole and jerk.

Nadia is tall at 5’8″, “but I’m 6’1″ in my naughty screw shoes.” Nadia is a pleasure honey, not a hater. But she does abhor one thing. She hates bras. “I have one below garment at home. I like to wear skimpy sexy clothing. That’s why I couldn’t ever live in the north.”

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Ana Montes’ World Cups

Ana Montes’ World Cups

Ana Montes' World Cups

This year’s Women’s World Cup could have used Ana Montes to bring some large tit action to this international sports event. Unfortunately, Colombia didn’t qualify. But they sure qualify in the bigger than typical bumpers department as the past 2 years have proven.

SCORELAND makes up for this oversight with Ana on the football field, leaking, trampolining, breast bouncing, playing with the football, sexy talking (captioned in English) and hands-on-pussy popping. She’s a whirlwind of boob energy. Ana was referred to us by the same agent who’s referred other top-heavy, sexy Colombians.

Ana did not play any sports when this babe was growing up.

“I did not practice sports. I was always the cutie with the larger than typical bust. I was indeed a very introverted gal with few friends. I was always more focused on playing board games and devoted myself to reading, which I need to admit is my prefered hobby. I am not very fond of soccer but I always support and watch the games when Colombia goes to the World Cup.”

Ana tells us that becoming a cam model changed her life.

“The most-fun thing I have ever done is to be a livecam glamour model. Anyway being enjoyment, it has been very gripping and it has allowed me to explore my sexuality and femininity.”

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Katy Ann: Star-Spangled Angel

Katy Ann: Star-Spangled Cutie

Katy Ann: Star-Spangled Girl

Wearing a star-spangled swimsuit, Katy Ann salutes the red, white and blue, her own special way to celebrate the 243rd anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the birth of the THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

“I started with a little photo shoot for Playboy. They were doing a little casting, and I did ‘Girls of Recent York.’ It didn’t go anywhere, but I had a little feather in my cap and bragging rights to say, ‘Oh, yep, I was a Playboy model’ for a little bit. But that was about it. I kept it beneath wraps. Nobody detected out about it. People always say, ‘Oh, if u do this, everybody’s gonna inspect.’ Well, nobody discovered out what I did. So it is just more exposing myself to the world, literally and figuratively.

Finding brassieres that fit and give Katy Ann the support this babe craves is a defiance, as it is for many girls at SCORELAND.

“It is so hard to go to a department store, and the ladies who work there, I feel like they’re uncomfortable. They’ll watch my mangos and stare at me with their face holes wide open. ‘Uh, uhhh…’ Having meatballs this big calls for custom bras cuz I’ve a miniature band and nice-looking huge cups. A lot of department stores don’t carry that. I haven’t gotten any bras from overseas, but I do prefer custom bras. I can buy ’em off the rack, but I need to receive measured. I just can’t go on Amazon unless I’ve been pre-measured by that brand and have bought that undergarment. I adore Panache. I wear a 32J-cup in that, and they lift and separate the cuties like none other.”

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Daphne Rosen Screws Her Employee

Daphne Rosen Copulates Her Employee

Daphne Rosen Bonks Her Employee

Red’s messed up big-time at the office. Stupid screw. He is been looking at SCORELAND on his office computer instead of working. This skirt chaser is been whacking off to SCORE mag on the job. The janitors have complained they must mop his cubicle. His output is sloppy and unprofessional. Now this fellow is intend to face some unpleasant consequences. He’s plan to acquire reamed by the boss, Daphne Rosen.

The Wrath of Khan is nothing compared to Miss Rosen’s volcanic eruption. We can say we warned him. He’s going to receive put in his place but fine. That place is his 10-Pounder betwixt her mega-boobs under her bra. This is a quality boss. Every lad should be this favourable. This babe cares about her crew. When this babe screams at them, it means she loves them. When that babe shags ’em, well, it means she needs some wang to get her through the day.

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The Moist Fruits of Sigal Acon

The Moist Fruits of Sigal Acon

The Juicy Fruits of Sigal Acon

Fruit does a body admirable. Just ask Sigal Acon. She’s got a small and stacked, killer body. Sigal decorates her chest with whipped man juice after squeezing oranges over her bigger in size than standard melons. As the juice leaks, Sigal reaches for a banana, licks the tip and rubs it around her nipp.

Depending on her plans for the day, Sigal may commence the morning off with a glad starting. “Morning, a shower: my hot, captivating body and warm water….”

U acquire the idea.

“I do not must suit in something particular to display off my milk sacks. People say I’ve mind blowing looks. Even in easy raiment, I receive so much attention. Usually I wear a undergarment. I do not wear one at home and when I go to sleep, I sleep nakie [that’s ‘naked’ in Sigal-speak].”

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The Words Large Mounds Are In Sandy’s Name

The Words Large Mounds Are In Sandy's Name

A married MILF with a high sex drive and bigger than run of the mill fullsome funbags, Sandy Bigboobs has been an airport security officer and a nail designer. That babe currently works as a medical assistant. Sandy decided to seek her fantasy and try modeling. Now this babe flaunts her large “busen” and vagina on-camera, masturbates and gets fucked by porn fellows.

Sandy webcams and discharges videos at home in Germany. When that babe saw The SCORE Group on the net, she decided that we were the people for her. We sent one of our photographers, a man German, to meet and greet her.

“I usually wear body-conscious clothing that reveals my feminine curves,” told Sandy. “In everyday life, I wear rather sporty hawt clothes. When I go out for the evening, I put on something elegant with high heels.”

Sandy is not a nudist or a dancer. This babe is gone to swing exotic dancing clubs several times with her boyfriend. They started about three years agone. There, that babe had sex with another mistress for the first time.

Sandy loves to screw as often as this babe can. “As life permits but one time a week is the least for me. I’m usually passive in ottoman but I will take the first step to begin.”

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Push Into Kali’s Tush!

Push Into Kali’s Tush!

Push Into Kali's Tush!

Kali West! She’s so hot. One of the prettiest GND SCORE Girls. That’s Girl-Next-Door…with colossal natural bumpers. Her comely face, her cocksucker throat, her milk sacks, muff and wazoo. Her legs and feet. Each inch is alluring.

Over time, her bumpers have gotten larger and meatier. Kali always looks new, hot and hot, whether she is in small mode and stacked or fleshier.

Kali is the star of this SCOREVideos scene cuz that babe phoned and said she wanted to do an anal scene.

In an earlier Kali interview, the subject of ass-fucking came up:

SCORE: Have u done anal?
Kali: No.

SCORE: Plan to?
Kali: No.

What can be concluded from this? That when a vixen says no, it ain’t written in stone.

Kali goes old-school for her 1st ass-opener. That babe wears a hawt bra and panties with garters and nylons. Very classic. That babe gives her copulate hubby a lap grinder during the time that that fellow sits on the ottoman, and then this babe tells him she wishes a 10-Pounder in her gazoo. This buck sucks and kisses her scoops.

This babe enjoys it but that babe is getting concerned to be really warmed up and says that that babe wishes her cunt licked. That babe acquires a loud, cunt-slurping eat-out that turns her on. “I want to taste your dick,” says Kali, unzipping his pants and extracting the shaft. This babe jacks it and hands-free sucks it.

Kali could use a mouth-fucking so she lays back on the couch, gorgeous head slightly over the edge. In advance of they have to Kali’s fetching backdoor, we wanna see some slit screwing. Kali has a beautiful fur pie and it deserves a thumping.

As Kali is getting it in her fur pie doggy style in doggie style, the time is right for her rounded, lush tush to be spread open, filled and rogered. Her anal opening has been prepared for the weenie.She is willing.

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Codi Vore: SCORE P.O.V. Greater than run of the mill Boob Sex

Codi Vore: SCORE P.O.V. Big Boob Sex

Codi Vore spreads the door to greet u and steps outside. Clothed in taut jeans and a knotted, midriff-baring shirt, fresh-faced Codi takes you for a walk around the house and brings u into the kitchen.

Codi murmurs how much this babe is missed u. She’s potty for some hands-on lovin’ and a excited dick-down. Codi takes her spectacular bosoms without her shirt and lets ’em hang. U receive hands-on, caressing and rubbing her soft breast-flesh and sinking your fingers gently into her areolas.

A goddess who’s heaven-sent, Codi tells you to meet her in the bedroom upstairs. When that babe enters the room, you are already on the daybed. You are crazy for her warm, juicy throat to gulp your cock. You are avid for her enormous hangers to wrap around your bone and make it disappear in her unfathomable deep cleavage. That babe is barmy to do that to you.

Kicking off her jeans, Codi receives on top of you and makes your wood disappear inside her furry cum-hole. Riding rock hard, haunches grinding against yours, Codi’s face exposes the pure enjoyment this babe feels as u fuck every other into some other dimension of erotic heat.

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Katy Ann: Super-stacked 30J-cups

Katy Ann: Super-stacked 30J-cups

Katy Ann: Super-stacked 30J-cups

“My hobbies are looking hot as hell, fashion, traveling, sightseeing, cooking, fitness and horseback riding,” told Katy Ann, online friends with Amber Alena. “I’d love to go on a luxurious cruise around the world. When I am not traveling, I like competing in horse flaunts. I enjoy watching competitive jumping. I will likewise watch and go to basketball games with my partner. Go Spurs!”

It wouldn’t be inaccurate to state that all eyes are on Katy Ann when this babe is out and about. Many of the cuties showcased at SCORELAND (such as Amber) would say the same thing about themselves whenever they go out.

“Honestly, I just walk with blinders on. Sometimes I’ll play it up. Sometimes I do love the attention. It is pleasure. If I am in a expert setting, I will not wear anything revealing. I will try to cover ’em up. I suppose ‘coz I am tall and statuesque, they do kinda fit my body and they’re not so distracting, but if I wanna play ’em up, people will be adore, ‘Is that for real?'”

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