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Who Doesn’t Have A Big Hart-on For Karina Hart?

Who Doesn't Have A Big Hart-on For Karina Hart?

“I am not afraid of the digital camera.” said Karina Hart, a name that figures prominently in the history of one as well as the other SCORE and Voluptuous magazines and is a prominent name in the 25th silver anniversary issue of Voluptuous.

“I like to reveal off and play and be very outgoing, so when I’m modeling, yes, it is very natural. I truly don’t think about whether I’m wonderful or bad in front of the camera.”

Some girls are changed when they initiate posing.

“I think that sometimes in my private life, I can be very bashful, and when the camera goes on, the real Karina comes out.”

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Can You Keep Up With Sofia Damon?

Can U Keep Up With Sofia Damon?

Can U Keep Up With Sofia Damon?

Recent air and sunshine do a body worthwhile, and when that body belongs to super-chica Sofia Damon, look out for these bigger than standard swinging bazookas. They could knock a boy out. The fickle finger of fate pointed at Sofia when this babe was fourteen and chose her to develop the kind of bra-busting bumpers that other chicks pay to get.

Sofia takes her workout session outside. Running in place, jumping, swinging and hopping, her enormous natural funbags are not belted down by a sports bra. They’re free to move without restraint. (Some much smaller-busted beauties wear 2 sports bras when they workout.)

The movie scene also includes brain-freezing slow motion that can easily make a boy boob-drunk after a not many minutes. Sofia, who’s in great shape, doesn’t play sports or workout regularly.

After her workout, Sofia gets totally bare for a different kind of exercise, digital manipulation of her soaked, pink pussy.

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Romanian Rack Attack

Romanian Rack Attack

Romanian Rack Attack

“I like to flirt, I like to dance, I like to savour,” told Lana Ivans.

“I go to the Health Lap dancing club to stay in shape and I eat a healthy diet. I eat a lot of corn.”

Corn? Does corn stimulate breast growth? Or is being Romanian the true reason?

“I think it is our secret,” Lana told with a chortle. “I do not have anybody in my family who’s as large as me.”

So if a dude urges a big-boobed wife, this smooth operator should look in Romania? “Yeah, for sure!”

Lana has an atypical hobby, the kind a nerd has, not a sexy cutie. That babe collects foreign currency and coins.

Another fitness program Lana follows is sex. “I like to ride on top. You can burn plenty of corpulent with sex.” One more Romanian secret revealed here.

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A Smack Of Cutie

A Taste Of Hotty

A Taste Of Honey

Michelle Pleasant heart is a very good-looking goddess with full lips and valuable cheekbones. She is from Vegas.

“I adore my greater than run of the mill mellons and I savour hearing men make comments about them when I walk pass ’em,’ said Michelle. “If they didn’t make comments, I would think smth wasn’t right with me!”

Michelle once appeared on Tyra Banks’ TV talk show and took part in one of Tyra’s “social experiment” flaunts. This babe lived in a house called Porntown with a group of other woman adult entertainers. Each hotty assigned herself a “role” in Porntown. The basic idea was to watch if there is a hierarchy or pecking command among different types of cuties.

But now back to our own social experiment, which is a lot more straightforward. She and Tony go out for a picnic. Just the 2 of them, plus our cameraman. A big-boobed picnic. Her butt is on the menu in this picnic and Michelle’s position is clear. It’s wazoo up, tits out.

Michelle’s nipps get as rigid as two pencil erasers as that babe is mouthing him off, heatedly licking and slurping the pocket-pork. No, she is definitely not a vegan.

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The Scenic Sights & Attractive Views Of Korina Kova

The Scenic Sights & Captivating Views Of Korina Kova

Wrote SCORE editor Dave in Vol. Twenty eight No. THREE of the mag (the print version is sure to be a fast sell-out), “With all due respect to the other nine gals in the Apprentice of the Year contest, this one was not close. Korina Kova, the hourglass ravisher from British Columbia, Canada, took a commanding early lead in the voting and not at all looked back.

“Korina finished with an outstanding Thirty three.2% of the vote, winning the readers’ and online voting; only Tina Lee had half as many votes. Congratulations to our 1st Canadian Rookie of the Year.”

Winning made Korina feel emotional. Photogenic, dynamic and extraordinarily stacked, Korina puts anything she has into her videos and pix, a labor of like. Knowing that that babe has all of this admiration and appreciation is a flattering and fulfilling experience for her, a feeling that babe mentioned in a video interview before the winner was announced. This babe thank’s everybody who voted for her.

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Star Bra buddies

Star Tits

Star Boobs

Max provides the stud service juicy golden-haired German bra-buster Sandra Star can’t live with out. This chab should feel honored and blessed to be chosen for this scene.

“What satisfies me depends on the dude I’m with,” Sandra told. “I don’t have a much loved position. Each one is quite good. My love tunnel is taut. My gazoo is tighter than my fur pie. I am confident so a charmer should be more assured than me. As for going out, I am old-school. I adore elegant dinner dates so we can talk and flirt first.”

“People ask me if I’ve any fetishes. I tell them not indeed but I do adore kinky shoes.”

The green-eyed golden-haired doesn’t smoke. Except when she is taking her alluring raiment off. Then this babe actually smokes.

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Vicky Soleil’s Breast Exam

Vicky Soleil’s Breast Exam

Vicky Soleil's Breast Exam

No one knows why hot gals with large mellons are always drawn to visiting quack doctors that screw ’em rigid, but they are, and this visit by Vicky Soleil displays how those physicians operate.

A web-cam adult model, Vicky has a rock hard back and neck so that babe makes an appointment for an exam. Maybe it’s these long hours on her computer. When the alleged doctor sees Miss Soleil stretching out a tight red dress, this chab develops a severe stiffness of his own. There can be only one cure.

After checking Vicky’s prodigious chest with a stethoscope, he has Vicky lay back on his exam table. Vicky’s costume and undergarment are removed for a more worthwhile view her issues. It is determined that a breast rub-down will be beneficial to Vicky. Dipping a hand into a bowl of his handy breast massage goop, this chab continues to rub and squeeze the magnificent large pantoons that nature has so generously bestowed upon Vicky.

The manipulations of her impressively bigger in size than average areolae and nips make Vicky sexy. The doctor knows that teat play releases hormones that get a angel wanton. Continuing his exam farther south, his slick fingers examine Vicky’s pink-box with careful pressure placed upon her hardening clitoris. While this skirt chaser is pleasurng her cunt and bra buddies, Vicky’s hand has reached over to his junk. Somehow his pants have mysteriously fallen down.

Vicky clutches his strapon and begins jacking him to rigidity. Obviously, a sexy beef injection has the appearance of the almost any priceless form of treatment to cure this patient’s back and neck issues. His tool sinks betwixt Vicky’s soaked wet crack and they kick off their pumping table-fuck. Great Hooter Hospital! Vicky is a dream patient!

Vicky is so sexy, she inspires this doctor to blow a load so mountainous, that lady-killer should receive a SCORELAND reward.

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Shannon Blue Brings Her Big Rack To A Jack Shack

Shannon Blue Brings Her Large Rack To A Jack Shack

Shannon Blue brings happiness to tit-men wherever she goes. Here she makes an appearance at Max’s prefered jack shack, where a massage is just the starting on the way to a cheerful ending.

Shannon eyes Max love a piece of steak and can not wait to acquire her hands on him. That babe oils him and gives him a hand job, then buries his bone betwixt her humongous knockers. Max is getting a tit-wank by a lady who has a couple of the king-size scones in the United Kingdom and is satisfied of it. Shannon loves to sandwich a dong inside her deep cleavage.

Shannon lies on the rubdown table and opens her legs for a licking with tongue. Max receives Shannon plan to the edge with precision tongue act. Gagging for a shagging, Shannon is ready to receive drilled.

Max plugs her moist, pierced wet crack with his pumping prick. This hot super-MILF has bangin’ moves that acquire Max ready to unload. He pulls out and straddles Shannon’s giant chest so that buck can fuck her mangos, ultimately leaving a hot mess betwixt her mammaries and his balls dehydrated.

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The Drill At Boob Camp

The Drill At Boob Camp

The Drill At Boob Camp

“I was working as a bartender in a sleazy place, and a SCORE fan saw me in a reservoir top and told, ‘Wow, you’ve astounding marangos.’ We got to talking, and that chap was amazed with my natural pantoons. He told, ‘I adore this mag, SCORE, I adore it, I love it, I’m the monumental fan and you should totally try out.’ I was like, ‘Well, u know, I have no idea,’ and this lady-killer said, ‘Please, please, you’ll make everything come true for me.’ And finally I said, ‘Okay, I’ll give it a shot. For you, I will.’

“I hadn’t really thought about myself likewise much as being competent to do this. I thought it had to be cuties with so much going on, and I felt that I’m this little college angel trying to enjoy. But this chab told me, “No, I have a friend who can’t live out of it, and u are so gorgeous that I would die just to watch u.” I thought that if he’s just a lad in a band who would adore to see me in it, that would give me the confidence to do it. So I went online. I was turned on the minute I saw SCORE.

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Lap dancing Is Enjoyment According To Kalila

Stripping Is Enjoyment According To Kalila

Kalila Kane unleashes her sweater stretchers and starts bouncing like she is on a Pogo Stick.

Exotic dancing down to her high heels, Kalila gets into ottoman and fingers her like button to big O.

Kalila said that the most-fun job she is had was being a exotic dancer at a Mommy and pop club, but maybe stripping, getting in nature’s garb and masturbating at SCORELAND has its deserves also. “I might be addicted to masturbating,” told Kalila.

What about go out with? A girl does not live by masturbation alone.

“The concept of in a relationship with is boring, social bullshit,” Kalila believes. “You can work out in five minutes whether or not u love someone enough to wanna proceed interacting with them.” Kalila calls it adore that babe sees it.

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SCORE POV With Dominno

SCORE POV With Dominno

SCORE POV With Dominno

Dominno worships the faceless stud (thank God for that) with her expert tongue, larger than run of the mill milk cans and tight muff. That babe gives him a enjoyable smile and an expectant look.

That ladies man hands Dominno a diminutive sexy top so he can savor how her stylish juggs look in it before this man loses his mind and slips his aching shlong between them, and then in her face hole and pleasing love tunnel.

That ladies man screws the shit out of Dominno on the ottoman and this babe expects no less than a power-screw or she’ll be dissatisfied. No problem! He’s got tons of nut-juice for her to relish once he is fucked out.

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It Takes Two Bucks To Handle Patty Michova

It Takes Two Bucks To Handle Patty Michova

Patty Michova is a total wild cat. Just turn her loose and look out.

Patty is having a swallow at a bar with Tom. That guy hasn’t screwed Patty yet but now the await is over. In walks Matt. But there’s no rivalry going on ‘coz Patty’s gonna ride their schlongs, right now.

Patty acquires off her bar stool and feels their junk. This babe is antsy and she needs some act. While Tom is checking out Patty’s taut arse sticking in his face, Matt whips his pipe out for Patty to mouth. This babe is on it in a flash, her greater than typical love melons hanging without her taut suit.

“My turn,” says Tom, giving a kneeling Patty his shaft to suck on too. Patty takes a wang in each hand and takes turns sucking each knob. Patty’s fuck-buddies lift her onto the bar and spread her handsome legs wide. Tom moves her briefs to the side and licks her bawdy cleft while Matt gets on the bar and refills Patty’s hungry face hole.

Tom receives first crack at banging Patty. One time that ladies man has made Patty’s muff sopping luscious, which doesn’t take lengthy, he bends her over and pokes his dick into her whilst that babe is blowing Matt.

On the bar, on bar stools and on the floor, Patty is well taken care of by her two bucks and that babe gives as worthy as that babe acquires.

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