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On Location Grand Bahama Natalie Fiore

On Location Grand Bahama Natalie Fiore

It’s a fact that there is smth about the beach that brings out all the sexiness in a chick.

This was discharged when the beach was deserted so that Natalie Fiore would feel totally comfortable. Natalie is, at heart, a conservative female, an exhibitionist in intimate but reserved in public.

“I have known a hardly any chaps who were shy and were a little also gentlemanly and wouldn’t try everything intimate or carnal with me,” Natalie said. “If I liked ’em sufficient I’d be a little more aggressive and at least let them know that it was okay and that I wanted ’em to hold me or kiss me. After that they usually knew how I felt and they loosened up and took the lead from there. If they didn’t, I gave up and usually did not go out with ’em again.”

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Terry Nova Is Your Fur pie For Tonight

Terry Nova Is Your Bawdy cleft For Tonight

This dehydrated guy is delirious. Some other step and he is fastened to fall into that empty pool and break smth vital. But at no time fear. A breasty, smiling mirage named Terry Nova has appeared to slake his thirst, not only for aqua but for massive love bubbles to engulf and bonk.

Terry is an skilled at stroking, engulfing, jacking and rogering your raging erection until you blow your sexy wad of cum all over her sexy chest.

Terry oozes sex. She’s your supreme love-doll with her larger than standard, fleshy wobblers and fuck-me face. Just wind her up and let her ride your stiffy. That’s what it’s all about, brother. And view out for empty pools.

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Ana Montes: Tiny Gal, Larger than standard Scones

Ana Montes: Diminutive Hotty, Greater than standard Tits

“The truth is I try not to emphasize my whoppers,”said Ana Montes, a shortie with 38-inch bra-busters.

“I think they are very bigger in size than standard for my height, and ‘coz I’m little and thin, I feel I look wider in the upper part of my body than in the lower part. I try not to highlight them in dictate to proportion my figure a bit. Although I try not to draw attention to them when I suit, they attract many guys because of their size.”

Ana commented about her wildest sex experience.

“I had a threesome with my friends, a Lesbo and a t-girl who are likewise web digi camera adult models. I performed oral-job on my Lesbo ally while my tgirl ally permeated my vagina. Then the trans had ace bonk with my friend and then me. We ended by performing orall-service on my trans ally.”

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A Study In Brook

A Study In Brook

A Study In Brook

Brook Ultra loves being fucked from behind foremost, especially when this babe is being controlled, restrained and bossed around.

“That’s why I adore hog-ties topmost, because your arms are in back of u and your legs are up to your wrist and they bonk the shit out of you and you can’t do everything about it.” So when Brook says she’s tied-up, she indeed means tied-up.

However, Brook can’t live out of nice-nice when it comes to her mangos. So tit-slapping is not her thing. That is smth that mainly porn chaps do to beauties. Maybe a fuck buddy lightly tapping her wobblers with his schlong is ok. “A boy can bite my nipples a little but not likewise rigid. Be gentle.”

Adore all hot honeys, Brook loves to shop for sexy raiment that give boyz the high, unyielding one. “I have a lingerie obsession. I go to lingerie stores 3 times a week. I like anything truly diminutive and tight. I like shorts that display my camel-toe. I too adore to be nude a lot.”

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The Girls of Voluptuous 1994-1999

The Angels of Voluptuous 1994-1999

The Girls of Voluptuous 1994-1999

The first issue of Voluptuous magazine was cover-dated Spring 1994. Long in advance of the electronic wonders of the World Wide Web (remember that term?), magazines were king, followed by VHS tapes. There were many freelance photographers, especially in United Kingdom, supplying photo sets of big-boobed cuties in addition to the London studio employees run by John Graham. That is why British glamour models ruled during the 1990s. Please note that not each V-mag model from that decade is pictured in this gallery.

“There were a hardly any driving forces behind the genesis of the mag,” recalled editor-in-chief and publisher John Fox.

“By 1994, there was a growing pushback against the novelty of the super-busty augmentations, especially coming from the United Realm but it was a sentiment that was growing worldwide amongst many breast aficionados.

“In addition, we were discovering and shooting lots of recent adult models montly who qualified. In other words, we had an abundance of content. And, as a young, aggressive company, we were looking to expand our portfolio. Doing so within the big-bust niche seemed logical.

“Two years earlier, we’d had some rough patches when we debuted SCORE, but by 1994, when Voluptuous first appeared, we had an orderly workflow in place, we had gained confidence in our ability to succeed and because of SCORE‘s success, we had the support of our distributors to expand.

“The editor and the art director did the enormous lifting as far as designing and assembling the issue. In advance of and through the whole process, the three of us did tons of brainstorming. We decided to go with the ‘All Stacked, All Natural, All Plump’ sub-title, and that ended up causing plenty of debates as far as the model selection process was concerned and what kinds of gals would be in the magazine.

“The next a few issues featured Lisa Miller, another German glamour model named Michaela, Rhonda Baxter, Danni Ashe and then, near the end of 1995, Chloe Vevrier on the covers, so those were the types of great natural glamour models that defined the magazine.”

All of the fotos in this gallery are labelled with the girl’s name and, in majority of ’em, the mag they appeared in.

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Jenni’s Noble Mambos

Jenni’s Noble Bouncy bosoms

Jenni's Noble Tits

Jenni Noble is the adventurous type. It is the reason that babe eventually made her way to SCORELAND. Her adventurous streak exposes up in other ways…like banging where there is the danger of being caught. Which is exactly what happened one night.

“I was with this boy, and we were on the beach. And it was around midnight, and we’re having sex. There’s sand everywhere, and it was a bit immodest but a lot of joy, and all of a sudden, there’s this bright spotlight in our eyes. It was a cop. And that chap said, ‘Okay, kids, get dressed.’

“And so I put on my hot clothing and he gave us a lecture. ‘There could be people reporting you. People could be watching from hotels. Someone could steal your ram.’ Blah, blah, blah. And I told, ‘I’m sorry, it will not ever happen once more,’ and we got up and found another place to bonk. Which happened to be the night I had my first 3some with two guys.”

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Cream In The Pink Of Lolly Ink

Spunk In The Pink Of Lolly Ink

Cream In The Pink Of Lolly Ink

Johnny Champ is snoozing when slinky and big busted Lolly Ink comes into the bedroom. Lolly urges the big lad and this babe won’t leave until that woman chaser cums inside her fur pie hole. This babe wakes him up and goes down on his cock, trying to receive as much man-sausage as she can in her watering throat. She rubs herself as she feasts. The gal is very hot for an greater than typical O. Her lips and tongue stiffen him quickly.

Johnny flips her over and places Lolly on top of himself, his hands cradling her small ass cheeks. That babe lowers her succulent snatch on his pole and easily slips all the way down in one discharged. Such a big breasted little beauty for a biggest knob. Sat straight up, she grinds her haunches, his 10-Pounder totally buried to the hilt.

Lolly assumes the position for a doggie a team fuck. Face down, arse up. This chab rams her like a piston and she can take it. For anybody so slender, Lolly can take a real pounding. Her head is flat on the couch, her a-hole high in the air as Johnny indeed smashes her bawdy cleft.

Johnny resolves to put Lolly on her back and bore into her, her hawt legs in the air. Her groans are extra bonk fuel and the sight of her bikini-ready body, large wobblers and pretty face drive him over the edge. He pumps his load into her pink hole, pulls out and squeezes the rest onto her pink flaps. Lolly’s weary face is the last thing this chab sees. And then this man wakes up.

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On Location Grand Bahama: Taylor Steele

On Location Grand Bahama: Taylor Steele

The looker of the tropics is meaningless next to the looker and voluptuousity of Taylor Steele. Taylor worked in a McDonald’s for four years. They didn’t deserve her.

It is a tough job photographing attractive cuties like Taylor, princess of Canada, in those gloomy locations year after year but someone’s got to do it.

Editor Dave celebrated “Taylor likes showing off her large scoops and bigger in size than average ass (something she’s rightly gratified of) in tight tops and shorts, and she loves talking about sex, and that babe sees herself as a bit of a gangsta, likewise, but in a way that is cuter than any gangsta-wannabe I’ve ever heard.”

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The Fantasies of Ana Montes

The Fantasies of Ana Montes

The Fantasies of Ana Montes

Ana Montes can’t live without masturbation.

“I receive to admit that masturbation satisfies me more good because although I love oral-service, vaginal and arse slam, almost any of my sexual partners have been selfish in couch. They’ve been these who chase more joy than mine or who are very inactive in daybed and let me do all the work. But, nevertheless, I have too had worthy sexual partners. Even so, I like masturbation more cuz I can make sure to always reach my raunchy gratification.”

Ana spoken about her carnal trigger points.

“I love to wait at least 2 months to have a different raunchy hubby. When I’ve a regular husband, I adore sex two or three times a week, and when I am single, I masturbate each night. My much loved carnal poses are doggie and on my side. It excites me when a spouse plays with my fullsome funbags. It gives me great fun to be sucked hard and I adore it when this chab bites me.

“It fascinates me when he kisses me so much on my face hole and on the body, especially on the neck and below the ear where one of my erogenous points are. I enjoy penetrating my pussy with my own fingers previous to my boyfriend kisses me, gives me small bites on the back of my neck and shoulders, and permeates me with his wang.”

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Jayden Has A Big-tit Fetish

Jayden Has A Big-tit Fetish

Jayden Has A Big-tit Fetish

Jayden Prescott‘s got a big boobed fetish and that makes her a goddess after our own hearts. Jayden emailed some pix to SCORE and said us that that babe and her boyfriend are large fans. Her husband has been a reader since 1993 as well as a SCORELAND member and is the reason that Jayden’s a fan likewise. Encounter and marrying Jayden fulfilled a major life’s goal for him. His own SCORE Hotty at home!

When Jayden came to SCORE, she said that anyway posing in nature’s garb, she wanted to try XXX boy-girl act. With anal too. This was adore hitting a jackpot in Las Vegas. Jayden is super-horny. Her hub is a favourable petticoat chaser! Having this chick around the house, a breasty chick who’s into the SCORE big-tit scene, has many SCORE DVDs at home, buys hot clothing and heels…well, that’s the paramount boob heaven for a breast-lover.

When Jayden was getting pounded in the studio, we could hear her yells of fun throughout the wall. She’s a sensational screw husband and clearly loves fucking and mouthing and cum all over her billibongs and on her lips.

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Shaken, Not Stirred

Shaken, Not Stirred

Shaken, Not Stirred

“Breastfully clean” is Leanne Crow‘s motto, so previous to preparing a cocktail fit for James Bond, Leanne washes up by bending over the sink and trickling water over her humongous British wobblers. Mr. Bond may be licensed to kill with the number 007 but Leanne goes it better with her license to thrill number 44-28-36.

Shaken, not stirred is the almost all marvelous way to make a cocktail and Leanne takes the technique to bigger heights. This is the unsurpassable way to tend bar and more bartenders should chase Leanne’s lead but few will come close to having her shaker set to practice with.

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Meet The Fresh Boss, Merilyn Sakova

Meet The Fresh Boss, Merilyn Sakova

Meet The Recent Boss, Merilyn Sakova

The new boss of the company will be making some changes. Per a memo from Miss Merilyn Sakova, those changes will take place as soon as possible.

There will be jack breaks during the day. The jack dream cutie will, certainly, be Merilyn. There will be copies of SCORE and Voluptuous magazines in the employee lounge and framed posters of Merilyn on the walls of the office.

Merilyn will see no visitors during 3 special times each day so she can cum at her desk without interference. Volunteers will be needed to pick up her new bras from the fitters at least one time a month. There will be many fringe benefits working beneath Merilyn.

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