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Sex Education

Sex Education

Sex Education

Normally, staying after class for detention is torture. But when your detention buddy is a angel like Serenity Evans, you’d probably skip class several times on purpose in hopes of a hardly any extra detention sessions.

“This isn’t so bad,” our man Jeremy Ace says. “We need to be in school longer, and study some more.”

“Nerd alert,” Serenity responds. “You belong here.”

Jeremy is a guy who’s serious about his studies, and in special anatomy and sex education. So he is definitely the ideal after-school study buddy for Serenity.

“Do you adore what you see?” This babe asks.

Jeremy needs a closer look to be sure, but body and a-hole look promising. This fellow strips her jeans off and takes some firm bites into her caramel apple bottom before taking her top off and helping himself to her cute A-cup milk cans. It is not lengthy before Serenity urges to explore Jeremy’s anatomy and stuffs his now-rock-hard dick into her curious mouth.

These 2 end their after-school study session with Jeremy’s knob planted deep into her fur pie and ass.

“You’re so nasty,” Serenity groans as Jeremy’s weenie slides in and without her. “Fuck that booty!”

Being the hard-working student that that buck is, Jeremy hits Serenity with a thick facial for extra credit.

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Motel Wazoo

Motel A-hole

Motel Booty

“Some boys ask me what it takes to acquire me off, and I let ’em know that it’s real easy. I just need a large wang and a smooth operator that can go all night long!” says 18-year-old Leenuh. “I’m a youthful gal, but I know what I love. What I don’t have in experience, I make up for with my energy and willingness to try recent things all the time. And I’m nice-looking cute, likewise, right? I mean, take a check out this large ole’ butt. I have been told I have a worthy butt for a white gal. What do you think? I just learned how to make my gazoo cheeks clap, and I like to make ’em clap on a pecker when I am on top. Do you crave me to display you, adore I showed this lad? This lady-killer couldn’t acquire enough of my sweet fur pie and I loved getting nailed by his bigger in size than standard, dark-skinned strapon!”

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Brains & Butt

Brains & Arse

Brains & Butt

Boyz, meet Marie. This babe is cute, smart and sexually excited. “I graduated high school in the top 25% of my class,” that babe said us. “I actually enjoyed high school. I competed on a cheer squad with all of my preeminent friends. We were truly tight. I even banged a pair of the cuties. I have had 2 trios, likewise. Of course it was with two cuties. I suppose I’d be overwhelmed by taking two schlongs at the same time!

“My beloved part of my body is my booty. Boys are fixated with it. They adore smacking my butt and watching it jiggle. They even adore tongueing it! And I know that it is unconventional, but I adore when a boy cums on my cheeks and rubs it in with his knob. It is filthy!

“I’m currently studying to receive my B.A. in business management. I love my classes. I’ve got some truly hawt professors, likewise. I just like older bucks.”

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Tag Teamed & back afresh

Tag Teamed & back one time more

Tag Teamed & back again

Our guys Tony and Sergio are tag-teaming whootie-girl Klaudia Kelly‘s butt all night, and you’re invited to view. If you’re a fan of 34-27-44 lady physiques, you are going to love watching Klaudia’s buttocks shake as the video starts. She’s on all fours, presenting her valuable body for your enjoyment. As her cheeks jiggle and quake, that babe bends backwards and gives herself a rock hard spank. This babe is biting and tongueing her lips, mouthing some charming ribald shit to the camera. Then u realize that that babe is not just putting on a reveal for u, there are a couple of other lads in the room. That’s how u know shit is about to go down. Pretty soon, she’s begging to choke on one 10-Pounder while the other is rogering her taut muff.

“I urge one in my butt, also!” this babe implores. Luckily, those bucks are into that sort of thing.

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Big Cuban Arse

Larger than run of the mill Cuban Ass

Big Cuban Ass

Down here in Miami, the Cubans have a phrase: Culo Grande. It means “big butt.” Gentlemen, Samantha Bell definitely has a culo grande.

In this scene, Samantha craves to play with some balls. This babe shakes her wazoo up to a pool table where Rocky is already shooting a game. That buck offers her the cue. Then this chab offers her a lesson in how to hold the stick. Then pulls her knicker between her large buns and slams 3 fingers into her pink pussy. As that babe grabs his jock, she is shaking her jelly-ass and making it ripple. Pretty soon sufficient, Rocky has his wang buried in her pussy, making her cappuccino-colored ass quake with every thrust.

Rocky was in such a hurry to get inside of Samantha, this dude didn’t even a predicament taking off her pink panty until halfway throughout their epic fuckfest. When she does lastly lose ’em, it is only so that this babe doesn’t acquire any sexy cum on ’em.

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Lovely Melody

Pleasant Melody

Sweet Melody

We do not get also many British vixens here at BootyLicious, which is what makes our hotty Melody Posh such a enchanting treat. Melody is getting some home improvement done right now, giving her room a spankin’ new paint job with her kewl gazoo hanging with out some slight jean shorts. With an ass like hers, we’d paint the room–and town–red, white, dark, blue or any other color this babe desires if that is what it takes to smash.

“Do u love my outfit?” this babe asks in her pleasing British accent. “You look very distracted this day. I know u did not come here just to look at me paint.”

That babe is right. And that babe knows what we want to do to her right now, also.

“I can see it in your eyes,” that babe says. “You wanna copulate me.”

Melody tanalizes us with her thick ‘donk by getting down on her knees and poppin’ her arse while this babe plays with her tight little fur pie. Then, she pulls out her prefered toy to get herself off.

This is just a warm up for Melody, though. A honey this bad eventually needs an ass-man to take care of her. And we’d love to make gracious, bangin’ music with Melody all day and night.

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Finger Lickin’ Worthy

Finger Lickin’ Good

Finger Lickin' Good

“That’s a wonderful, large arse right there,” Nikki Delano says as she smacks her constricted apple bottom. “I know u wanna be in that arse right there.”

Sounds like this spicy Latin chick is a mind browser. The solely thing we’re thinking about right now is slippin’ into that taut gazoo and snatch of hers.

That is why we hooked her up with our boy Juan Largo. He’s one hung lady-killer who can’t live without no thing more than beating up a phat butt and taut snatch. Nikki bounces her juicy a-hole in Juan’s face to tanalise him. Then, this chab leans back and this babe sits on his face. Juan enjoys a healthy helping of poontang pie while fingering her a-hole. That’s what we call finger-lickin’ valuable.

After deep-throating Juan’s ramrod, Nikki hops on top of him and goes to work on his magic stick. When you’re fuckin’ a floozy this admirable, you’ve got to receive inside her from every angle. Juan tells Nikki to turn around and this Lothario smashes her ass doggystyle.

“Oh, yes, get over here that gazoo,” she moans as this chab beats her taut, little backdoor up. “It’s constricted, right? Fuck me!”

Juan’s getting anything that stud wanted and then some. So, the solely way to repay Nikki is to drop a ton of cum on her face. Nikki gladly laps it all up. That’s what she calls finger-lickin’ worthwhile.

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Lareina Brings The Miami Heat

Lareina Brings The Miami Heat

Lareina Brings The Miami Heat

Lareina is our prefered sort of honey bunny. She’s a hotty who can’t live without sports, and will kick it with u on the sofa rockin’ a tank top and some dunky boy-shorts. She’s a South Florida native who catches as many Heat games as this babe can during the season. With her 42 inches of booty, this babe is one of the bad sluts that brings the real heat to Miami. Watchin’ her pop it up and down, we’d run a full-court press on that ‘donk like our guy Juan Largo does to kick off this scene.

“I love to dance,” Lareina said. “I’m a professional booty-popper. I wear really short dresses and skirts and just make my arse jiggle. I adore when boyz smack and grip it during the time that I pop it.”

We could look at that arse jiggle all night, but Juan’s got some work to do on that gazoo. That smooth operator spreads greasy oil all over her gazoo and plays with her bawdy cleft. Lareina says playing with her clitoris acquires her off better than anything else.

“Clit stimulation does it to me each time,” that babe says. “When I am having sex with someone–boy or girl–I need ’em to work my muff to receive warmed up.”

Juan is a quick study and works her cookie right in advance of he stuffs his obese ramrod inside of her. He lays her down and screws her doggystyle. Then he tells her to acquire up and copulates her doggy style again. After that, that babe hops on top of his shlong and rides him like that babe is ready for a rodeo.

When they’re lastly done, Juan drops a load of cum on her gazoo. That is the merely way to nifty off a goddess this hawt.

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Lareina’s Bootyology

Lareina’s Bootyology

Lareina's Bootyology

Lareina is the sort of honey that acquires your blood flowin’. All that blood is flowin’ to our knobs cause this floozy has an butt that just doesn’t quit. This babe is got the type of ass it takes a firm couple of hands to handle. Our boy Juan Largo’s got an a-hole addiction, and the firm couple of hands a thick Cali sweetheart adore Lareina needs.

Juan is an butt worshipper, and this smooth operator spends a little minute admiring the junk in her trunk, in advance of that woman chaser acquires down to business.

“Damn, view that a-hole shake,” this buck says. “Where’d u acquire all that from.”

“Genetics,” Lareina says.

We’re usually more interested in gettin’ in a thick chick’s jeans than her genes, but we know you’d acquire an A in biology if u could make your concentration Bootyology.

Lesson number one would include widening baby oil all over Lareina’s nifty ass to acquire her warmed up.

Lesson number 2 is gettin’ that bad whore on her knees to engulf your rigid meat.

Lesson number 3 is when things get interesting. That is when u lay this gal down and pound her like Juan does here. With your weenie sliding in and out of her muff and that wazoo bouncin’ off your pelvis, you’ll be an pro in Bootyology just like our lad Juan.

And with a sweetheart like Lareina, u don’t pass this class unless you drop a load of hawt cum all over her wazoo.

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Bubble Booty Boo-Boo

Bubble Booty Boo-Boo

Bubble Ass Boo-Boo

Caroline is trying to learn how to skate when she falls down on her white, bubble a-hole. Luckily for her, there is a helpful stranger nearby who knows exactly what that ass needs to get more nice…a hot beef injection. Caroline may suck on inline skates, but this creamy-skinned goddess sure excels at engulfing penis! This babe gives him the full treatment, working his shaft with her throat and then mounting him for some cowgirl screwing. This babe milks this dude’s rock hard cock with her grasp and lets that thunder gazoo jiggle. That babe takes a load on her freak cheeks and yep, it doesn’t make her a more worthwhile skater, but it does remind her that she’s a great copulate!

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Army Brats ‘N’ Booty

Army Brats ‘N’ Ass

Army Brats 'N' Ass

Life in the military can be rough so every now and then a recruit needs to chill out in the barracks. In this case, unwinding is a big-booty fuckfest that would make Uncle Sam contented.

The scene starts with Ravishing Sinsacion asking Raven if this babe works out. If that babe doesn’t, she is going to acquire a real workout right now. You got to warm up previous to every workout, so Enchanting Sinsacion receives the blood flowing by massaging Raven’s booty and then turns around for some booty-cheek poppin’.

Xena can not be left out of all the joy, though. During the time that the other two were playing, she was makin’ sure this babe had a couple of fellows to fill her hungry pussy.

“Y’all are in here ass-fuckin’,” that babe told. “I identified me a lil’ sausage to go with my bun.”

A pair of hung dudes who are ready to be served up three helpings of nifty booty walk into their barracks.

Those three big-booty doxies have to have been in ramrod withdrawal, ‘coz they screw adore they haven’t had a good piece of meat in a minute.

“Oh yeah, fuck me soldier smooth operator,” Raven says as one chap beasts on her twat doggie-style.

If there’s one thing a soldier knows how to do, it’s chase orders. Valuable thing, ‘coz those honeys can’t receive enough. They’re poppin’ snatch and sweatin’ like they cant get sufficient sexin’.

“Fuck me adore u urge a promotion,” Lovely Sinsacion screams.

They do crave promotions, and unveil their eagerness by dropping biggest nuts on Pleasant Sinsacion and Xena’s butts and onto Raven’s face.

That’s what we call an honorable let fly.

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A Booty-ful Roze

A Booty-ful Roze

A Booty-ful Roze

When a beauty walks into a room with an itty-bitty waist and a big ass in your face, a skirt chaser gets sprung.

Sir Mix-A-Lot was speaking our language when this smooth operator uttered the words, “I love bigger than standard butts, and I cannot lie.” That’s exactly where our gent Rocky is as in a short time as Cherise Roze struts into his living room, with her 52-inch caboose chugging along behind her. This is the type of ride where you look forward to having a layover and hope for a round trip.

“Oh, u adore that,” Cherise says as this babe bounces on his sternum with her bubble butt shoving out of her overmatched jeans. “You like that, do not you?”

Cherise isn’t merely about having her wazoo worshipped, though. This babe is a Jersey angel who can’t live with out to acquire down and messy, and this babe goes to work on Rocky’s 10-Pounder and balls. This is the sort of head u tell your buddies about after u get back home. Cherise loves large ramrods, and she cannot tell lies.

You’re too intend to tell ’em about how Cherise rode your cock so rock hard, they should nickname u Sea Biscuit. This babe pops that cookie on his meat love she’s never had a solid bonk from a hung buck.

Rocky flips her onto her side before beating her pussy up from behind. Cherise is begging for his man juice by the end of this scene.

“Oh, come in my mouth,” she says.

Rocky knows when to pursue directions, and this chab unleashes a healthy load onto Cherise’s face hole and juggs.

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